学员  简介

Laura ——IT高管





今年我已经35岁了,作为一名IT公司的高管我一直过着丰富而殷实的生活。我的朋友经常会问我,为什么要去学英语,多累人啊。其实我也这么觉得,但是,人生不就是如此好比逆水行舟不进则退。当你在其他方面无法取得想要的进步时,不如静心学习等待时机。This year I am thirty-five years old. I’m a sales manager for a big IT company. I have an abundant and rich life. My friends always ask me, why do you learn English? How tired it is! I think so. Nevertheless, life is like a boat in the river which is either forward or backward. If there is no chance to make progress in other aspects, l realize paying attention to study will be better.

认识诺亚是在一个偶然的机会。起先我是打算自学英语的,但是最后我还是选择了诺亚。这是因为这里有各种类型可供选择的课程;这里的师生之间有着良好及融洽的学习氛围;这里还有许多特别有责任的中国籍和外国籍的老师。 I got to know Royal by accident. At first, I planed to learn English by myself. But I chose Royal in the end. Because there are different kinds of lessons ; there is a good and nice atmosphere between students and teachers; there are lots of responsible Chinese and foreign teachers in Royal.



虽然我在诺亚的学习只有短短一个月。但是我感觉这段时间我有了长足的进步。在这里我想分享一些有效的学习方法:第一、每周你可以制作一个自己专属的课程表并且严格执行它;第二、每天的课程结束后一定要复习当天所学并且完成作业;第三、每天早晨最好大声朗读课文至少一小时;最后,也是最重要的就是坚持。Although, I have studied English just for one month in Royal. I feel that I have a great improvement during this time. I want to share some good ways about studying English here. First, you can make a timetable of your English lessons in every week and enforce it strictly; second , you must review and do the homework when you finish your lessons everyday ; third, you should read loudly in each morning for an hour at least; finally, the most important thing is persistence.

In the future, l will learn English for one or two years. How far the way is! So let us keep on study everyday!未来,我会继续学习英语1-2年的时间,漫漫人生路,让我们一起坚持每天学习吧!